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Acranius is a 5-piece-death-metal-outlet from northern Germany. In 2009 the band was formed as a 2-man-project by Lars Torlopp and Björn Frommberger. From the beginning on their highest aim has always been to write slamming death metal songs including elements of brutal Deathcore and Hardcore. This unique style is still their brand mark and made them a well-known benchmark in the scene.


In 2011 the german label “Rising Nemesis Records” signed the band to release their first EP “The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest”. After releasing the EP Tom Brümmer (Vocals) and Christoph Haak (Drums) joined the band. With this line up the band played their first live shows and recorded their first full-length called “When Mutation Becomes Homicidal” which was also released via Rising Nemesis Records in 2013. Due to musical differences Christoph Haak and Tom Brümmer left the band in the end of 2013. Early 2014 Rob Arndt (Drums) and Kevin Petersen (Vocals) joined the band to complete a full line up again. Together they wrote, recorded and released their second album “Dishonor” in 2014 and third full-length album “Reign of Terror” in 2017 via Rising Nemesis Records. For their 10th anniversary Acranius re-recorded their first EP „The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest“ which will be released in October 2019. In 2020 Marcus Jasak (former Science of Sleep) joined the band as an additional vocalist. With this line up the squad wants to bring their next release to a new level. In February 2022 the 4th full-length album 'Mercy Denied' was released as a self release. Shortly after Rob left the band and Sebastian Mantel (Carnel Decay / Candero) jumped in as the new drummer. 


After playing the first shows in Germany, Acranius played their first international shows in Belgium, Netherlands and the United States in 2013. Since 2014 the band has toured Europe every year with various artists like The Black Dahlia Murder, Ingested, Slaughter To Prevail, Defeated Sanity, Analepsy and many more. 2018 Acranius managed to step even further with playing a show at Summer Breeze Open Air in Germany. One year later the Acranius performed at Wacken Open Air. Early 2020 the band fulfilled their dream to play shows in Japan.


Besides touring Europe and the USA, Acranius has played a lot of exclusive shows and festivals in the following countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Japan and USA.





other active bands: Slowly Rotten, Pestrite
former bands: Hypnotic




former bands: Science of Sleep




other active bands: Hang Em High
former bands: Traumatic Defilement, The Abydos Shelter, Roughneck




former bands: Roughneck, Hang Em High




other active bands: Methods Of Massacre

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